Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kevin Durant to the Wizards?

Kevin Durant is Oklahoma City. He started the franchise, you can credit him for bringing them to where they are today and the city loves him for than Blake Griffin and Brad Pitt combined (both are from the city). The city would go to the end of the world for him and for some reason, you get the idea he would go to the end of the world for the city. Why is he going to the Wizards in free agency then?

Wait what? You just talked about how much OKC loved him and he loved OKC and then you just jump into him leaving in free agency. You realize that makes no sense right? Have you ever written anything before?

Listen. KD is probably the most loyal player in the NBA and what he has done for the city of Oklahoma cannot be measured, but his true loyalty remains in the city of Seat Pleasant, Maryland. The city where he grew up. The city that he has devoted a whole back tattoo to. The city that erected a billboard congratulating him on his MVP before OKC did anything for him. Did you know the KD and John Wall are incredible friends and talk on the reg? Since getting to the league Wall has done nothing but talk about how much he can't wait until they play together in DC. It is obviously some good ribbing between a couple of chums, but you know there is a little truth behind it. Did you know that when RGIII was drafted KD was still voted the 2nd most popular person in DC behind somebody named Barack Obama?

I think I am in the minority in this belief, but I just think there are too many variables at play to not at least explore the option. The west is such a good conference and the east is so atrocious. Think about what a player like Kevin Love might be thinking, "Damn, if I was just on one of the playoff teams in the East I could be the player that would carry that team to the eastern conference finals. That's how much every other team sucks." The only star that can't think like that is Carmelo Anthony, he just thinks "Damn, why am I never going to be as good a teammate as every other superstar in the NBA." Sorry, I have to get at least on dig in on him every now and then.

If you add KD to the Washington Wizards you might as well pencil them into the Eastern Conference Finals talk for every year with the Pacers and Heat. Sure you can say that now with OKC in the west, but you could make a case for every western playoff team to make it to the conference finals. I'll go on a hunt for a leprechauns pot of gold if somebody can convince me the Atlanta Hawks are serious contenders for next year. Heck, you could make a better case for the Suns to make it to the western conference finals next year than the Hawks to make the eastern conference finals. There is just too much of a discrepancy between the elite teams in the east and the shit ones.

Obviously only time will tell as KD still has 2 years left on his contract and a lot can change in that time. The only thing I can think of that would actually guarantee KD's stay in OKC is if they don't win a championship before that time is up. He cares too much about the city of Oklahoma to not leave them with at least one championship. So if I were Thunder fan I would root for them to make the finals and lose for the next couple of years and then resign KD forever once that contract is up. If I'm a Washington fan I would keep donating money for billboards and maybe slide some under the table to the OKC papers to keep posting stupid headlines like "Mr. Unreliable."

The one thing we do know for sure is that KD is such a nice and humble guy that his free agency period will be the POLAR OPPOSITE of LeBron's. My guess it will be a two team list and the decision will be made in private and you know the first person to know of that decision will be his Mom. Until then all we can do is speculate and enjoy this years incredible NBA Playoffs.

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